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How do I add a single piece of data to a list of Filemaker entries (1500 out of 4500)? I do not want to replace data, just add.

The previous posts on adding data to multiple entries talk about replacing data which I know how to do. I just want to add a single phrase to a field that already has information in it.

The entries I have isolated are by state and I need to be able to expand/contract this list independently of this sorting option, so I want to identify them differently.

Is there no way to do this in a single move?
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As far as I know, not really, no. You could write a pretty short script to do it, though.
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I need some more info to answer this. Can you give a complete example? In general, to append data to the end of a field, you use the replace command with a calc of [fieldName] & " " & "WhateverDataYouWantToInsert"

This way, you preserve the contents of the field and just add to it. Replace only operates on your current found set.

But give me more info and I'll give you a better answer.
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