I want to buy a fun, imaginative birthday/opening night gift for my really smart and funny brother who lives in Michigan.
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I need a mail-order service that does great/creative/fun gifts/gift baskets (or similar) for my funny, smart 33 year-old brother.

The deal that my brother's birthday is coming up. About a week later is the opening night of a show he is directing. I want to send a gift to celebrate both. I want it to be creative and fun. He is a movie and philosophy nut and a professor of acting and directing. He is really, really funny. He is a loner type and not a partier. He is not a "guy's guy" so a stripper or something similarly themed isn't going to work. He is a bit down lately so something really cool and fun is a must. I will spend up to $70 all told (but I would love to spend less!). (I am a relatively penniless student).

This is shipping to Michigan, so take perishable items into account.

I am open to any and all ideas that are not your standard DVD box set or a really cool new book that has come out.

His birthday is 2/15, opening night is around there. It's okay that it won't get there on time. I am known to be belated with the gifts.
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The Unemployed Philosophers' Guild has some hilarious stuff, and an online store.

Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor has amazing gourmet food (esp cheese) and they have lots of gift options. Though of course, if he lives there, maybe less exciting.
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I immediately thought of this bowl made from tickets, which I once almost bought for a filmmaker/film festival organizer friend.
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Funagain Games is an online game store. If he would have anyone to play with, games are a good option.
The first thing that came to mind was Quarto, a very fast logic-intensive 2-player game; the kind of thing he could keep in his office for fun. There are other games that are more performance-oriented, if he would like that. They also have solitaire games, mainly under "puzzles".
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They're expensive for what you get (though well under $70) but people love the personalized M&Ms.
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Well, I am still thinking, although, amro, I just got my girlfriend a necklace from Elsewares, so thanks for the tip!

The best thing so far looks like a gift package from Zingerman's. Thanks LobsterMitten!
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