Life Sucks
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I want to find The Game of Life (Sucks).

My friends and I were playing the Milton Bradley Game of Life the other night and we were coming up with ideas of what could be included in the game that would make it more realistic (or pessimistic) and funny. By the end we had pretty much created an entirely different version of Life that includes things like divorce, abortion, rehab, jail, etc that we decided we would rather play. My google-fu totally sucks and I was not able to find a parody version that fits what we want. Do you know if something like this exists and where I could get it?
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Can't you just make an overlay for the board, and print your own cards?

If you remove the plastic bits you could probably rub a crayon over a piece of paper on top of the board, scan that in, and then use that as a template for an overlay. Print out only the sections you want to change on to an overhead/acetate sheet (it will probably take 4-6, unless you are savvy and got to kinkos to get a high quality print).

In fact, set it all up in Illustrator, etc, take it to Kinkos, or similair place, and get it done right. I don't know if this will end up saving you any money, but this way you and your friends can make sure it's to your liking. May end up being fun if any of you are crafty/artsy.
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You could easily alter an existing board to be your game, if you can't find one.
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It sounds like you've got everything planned out already. Work it up yourself, put some PDFs online, and post it to Projects. I'll play it.
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Faint of Butt writes "I'll play it."

You'll suck at it, you mean.

This is the perfect kind of project for a long winter's afternoon, and I think you'd find that a lot of people would probably really like to play it when you're done. Modify some rules to make it a drinking game, and you could become an internet phenom.
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The Game of Real Life. A parody of The Game of Life that appears similar to what you have in mind
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There's a very good boardgame, a bit more complicted than the Game of Life but more strategic and interesting too... it's Funny Friends. Not played on a Life board, so not exactly what you're after, but has the other elements you're looking for: players go through various non-G-rated life events (lose virginity at Bible camp, drink antifreeze, have kids out of wedlock, etc etc). Very fun as an actual game, worth checking out.
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Wow, the Game of Real Life looks shoddy to me. I like the idea of changing it though, I'm going to dig out my old Life board and have at it!
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I was going to come and recommend Funny Friends, but I see LobsterMitten beat me to it.
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