Name That Mobile!
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I'm trying to remember the name of a certain "Mod Era" item: it was a set of mobiles consisting of colored plastic birds with stickered eyes which dangled from metal springs.

And no, I'm not asking for your old set, I just wanna know what they're called.
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I remember having a yellow plastic bird that hung from a long spring. The wings were hinged so they flapped when the bird was bounced. It was hard plastic and smooth with little detail except the eyes. Does that sound like what you're looking for? Don't know the name but I think it was made by Brio. Maybe that'll help your search.
posted by lasm at 9:09 AM on March 4, 2004

That's the one...there were also red, orange and blue versions of varying sizes.

Searching for Brio only turned up a tie-in to some "Bob the Builder" toys.
But it also gave me the idea of checking eBay's forum. Thanks, lasm!
posted by Smart Dalek at 1:13 PM on March 4, 2004

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