Does the new iPod shuffle do hand-picked playlists better/faster/differently from the old one?
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I have an old shuffle. When I first got it, I could arrange its playlist on the iMac it syncs to without it actually being plugged in. This was fast, since it all happened on the computer. Then, I could plug in the shuffle and the actual synchronization would churn for about 30 sec (which I would not need to be present for). But in one of iTunes' famously regressive "upgrades," the ability to arrange tracks on my shuffle without it being plugged in vanished. Now, arranging tracks is a laborious process with delays between every user interaction. It sucks. No way am I buying a cute tiny colorful new one if it has the same crappy synchronization method. Does it? (I'm aware of iTunes' ability to pick random tracks from my library. No thanks!)
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I don't think I have the problem you're describing, and I have the latest version of iTunes and a first generation shuffle.

If I set up a playlist, I can move songs around at will on the mac, and then plug in the shuffle and have it auto-update from that playlist.

Look to make sure that you don't have the "choose songs randomly" box checked.

Look to make sure that you don't have the "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC" box checked.

You might also want to uncheck "Replace All Items when Autofilling".

I do have the convert to 128 AAC checked, and and I think that's the reason that moving songs around can be a very slow process on my shuffle. Some songs seem to stay converted. Others seem to need to be converted every time which I don't understand.
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I don't have any conversion options enabled. I have a playlist I usually use for my 2G shuffle and I organise it just like any other playlist (with the shuffle unplugged).

I have "autofill" enabled on my shuffle for that specific playlist and I do have the overwrite option enabled. This was, whenever I plug in my shuffle it'll sync to my regular iTunes playlist I created. This also works with smart playlists (i.e. songs with over 4 stars, etc).

Hope this helps,
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Agreed with the other two here: why do you need to mess with the playlist specifically on the Shuffle itself? Just create an iTunes playlist, and then sync the shuffle to that playlist. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm not on the computer to try it now, but I'll take your words for it. I guess I'm guilty of not discovering the new way of doing it when the old one was snuffed out.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for podcasts. (My carmudgenly old method did work for podcasts.) There's a workaround here but so far it's not working around for me. My next step is to try this recently posted script for updating shuffles. Fun!
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