Best lens for K10D camera
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I am planning on buying my first dSLR camera, a Pentax K10D. What would be the best lens to go with it? I can only afford one, so I was going to get the Pentax 24-90 zoom but I am not able to find one. What other similar lens would you recommend?
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B&H has an 18-125mm Sigma zoom for Pentax DSLR for $279 and an 18-200mm for $379. Both are f3.5 but with image stabilization that ought to work. (I don't have either. I have the kit lens and a normal prime lens both from Pentax.)
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What do you want to take pictures of?

If you want to mostly take portraits, then go for a longer zoom. Something like a 50-200mm is good.

If you're wanting to take pictures of groups of people, go for something like the 24-90mm.

If you want to take wider pictures of buildings, landscapes, etc. then get the 12-24mm or the 10-17mm fisheye.

Also, you might want to look at the older Pentax primes. That's what they were known for for years and years, and they'll work wonderfully with your k10D. Just imagine, f1.4 with stabilization! You'll be able to take pictures in a candlit room!

Just for reference, I usually use a 12-24mm or a 28-85mm zoom on my D200.
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Oh, also, if you're going to get the k10D then you should really get a decent lens for it. If you're strapped for cash then go for the k100D and spend the savings on a lens.

And, actually, unless there's something the k100D is missing that the k10D has that you absolutely need, I'd go for the cheaper camera if I were you. You'll never notice the difference in megapixels, and when the newer, whizzier model comes out in a couple of years you can upgrade with a clear conscience.
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I've got the K100D and I love it to death. I just picked up a Pentax normal 50mm f/1.4 at B&H Photo for $219 -- it's much sought after for portraits, lowlight and everyday photography.
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I've found that 50mm standard lenses take far sharper pictures than these bells and whistles do-everything zooms, and in much poorer light conditions, as bshort says.
So as a first, do-everything lens, I'd buy the best fixed 50mm lens I could afford.
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You're far better off with a fixed lens than a cheap zoom - you'll be able to capture images in a far greater range of light conditions without having to rely on a dinky, built-in flash.

I use a 50mm 1.8 on my Nikon F100 and a 35mm 2.0 on my D50. If you can find a comparable lens for your Pentax I'd go for it. A 1.4 lens is better, obviously, but it's not worth the extra $200 when you're just starting out.

Also: Bear in mind that the film sensor in your camera is a bit smaller than 35mm film. Unless it's specifically designed for a digital camera, a 50mm lens will function more like an 80mm lens. That's why I use a 35mm with my digital - it becomes a true 50mm standard lens.

If these references to strange numbers and terms like "f-stop" are a bit odd, be certain to educate yourself before making any investment.
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By all means, get the kit lens. You'll love it.
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Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 Macro.
Wider, faster and bigger than the kit lens, longer than the 16-45 f/4. Has macro capabilities.

Or a fast 50 now and wait for the Pentax 17-70.
BEWARE: K10D has some Front Focusing issues in incandescent light with the 50mm f/1.4.

Combine this lens with the very sharp 50-200 f/4-5.6 later on.
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