Which Jack T Chick interview is this from approx 1997/1998?
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Maybe six or seven years ago I barely remember reading on the Internet a profile of Jack T. Chick. I think I remember the interviewer was an ex-born-again christian looking back in at a strange world-view with new eyes. I remember things such as a) a personal interview with Chick, b) a picture of chick {possibly wearing a helmet of some sort??}, and c) bemused author commentary on some of the salacious secular imagery leaking through the reactionary artist's work {including a sexy image of eve shown from one of the tracts}. Anybody know what I'm talking about? My memory is fuzzy and Google search didn't turn up anything.
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From googling for "jack chick tract eve personal interview," I found the name Dwayne Walker. It seems like the page you are looking for is http://www.walkertown.com/jack.html which no longer exists. Here it is at wayback.
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Response by poster: Holy shit dude, you're a Google super-sleuth. Thanks.

Here's the LA Magazine bio on Chick that everyone dug, but it seems everyone forgot about the superior one as it slipped down the memory hole.

PS - [anybody reading] what's the deal with the Internet archive and the Google cache, do the archived entries and/or cache eventually fall out of existence too once a website is gone long enough? {it seems like this is very much the case with Google cache}

PPS - [ditto] Instead of PS I often see the term NB used on the Internet - what's the meaning and appropriate context of usage for these terms? Can I add on to NB, like NNB?

{augghh, question overload!!}
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dgaicun: NB is short for nota bene, Latin meaning "note well" and common in academia. It would not make sense to extend it to nota nota bene.

It's also the name of a hardcore bibliographically-multitalented word processor descended from the inimitable XyWrite.
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NB stands for Nota Bene which means pay close attention. It's usually an indicator that something is exceptionally important. This might be safety instructions or a hint from your professor that what follows will be on the next midterm. I've often seen it in academic texts where tricky parts of a proof are illustrated.
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ah so this is the chick of 'chick publications'? i collect those crude and hateful pamphlets! they give me the willies.
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