I, too, would like 10 million dollars
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Can these fares to Japan possibly be real?

I found - through earlier questions here and here - IACE, a travel agency "founded in 1970 to provide discount tickets to Japan". They have fucking unbelievable rates. Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone have experience with this place?
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They sold me my railpass, without incident.
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Holy moly! These prices are unbelievable!

I did a little digging and I saw that flyertalk says that IACE is good stuff and they get pretty rave reviews. One poster said that he travels on IACE almost 10 times a year and never has any problems. Thanks for the link, though!
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I think the advertisements I see of theirs sometimes just show the one-way fare, however -- call 'em to make sure.
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Yeah, those fares are for real. There are a lot of flights from the West coast to Japan and plenty of competition. JAL, ANA, Singapore, United, Delta, American, and a half a dozen other airlines all fly to Japan from LAX, SFO, SEA, or PDX.

I've paid around $400 for a round trip ticket to Japan before. Ticket consolidators. Usually the tickets have restrictions and you'll go through flaming hoops of pain to make ANY changes though.
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I've flown courier to SE asia for $300 & through a consolidator I once got roundtrip to Bali for $760. Cheap seats do exist, you just have to know that and to take the time to look for them... which most people don't. They're booking major airlines & it looks pretty legit. So I say Bon Voyage!

One thing to be aware of is that a lot of times the posted fare doesn't include taxes & fees, though. I got $159 rountrip airfare to London from LA once & it ended up being $260 after the fees & stuff were tacked on. Still a great deal, but more than I was expecting.
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Wow. Cheap. I used Amnet last year for bargain airfares and railpasses. Maybe they get them from the same place.

The English is better on this IACE, however.
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I don't know what the prices in question are (so I don't know if the prices that you're looking at are the cheap ones that don't include the taxes and fees, which can add 1 or 2 hundred dollars to a ticket, or the all-included ones), but I do have experience with IACE: my ex-girlfriend works in the IACE in Dallas, and whenever I fly back to Houston, I get the tickets from them. Much cheaper than buying plane tickets here in Japan.
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Remember, these fares don't include taxes, fuel surcharges, and airport fees. These can easily amount to an additional $100-200 on an international flight.
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I flew IACE with 5 buds in 2002.
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