Sick of Denny's in Seattle
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I am trying to make a decent list of 24 hour/late night restaurants in the Seattle/Lynnwood area. There are the obvious (Denny's, Dick's, Shari's etc) but we grow weary...

My boyfriend and I are both nocturnal, he lives in Lynnwood, I live near Ballard and aside from Denny's, Dick's, and 13 Coins we have a hard time getting a decent meal after 9pm (especially on a week night). Added to the mix is the fact that my boyfriend is from North Carolina and has a VERY low threshold for west coast fusion/bistro type food (however I am from California and I DO like that kind of food). Any suggestions for places in Seattle or Lynnwood and all points in between are helpful!
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Beth's Cafe (, on Aurora in downtown. One of my favorite breakfast places, and they're 24x7.

Man I miss Seattle.
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I havent been to these places in a while but they used to be interesting:
Stellas (apparently no longer 24 hours but still late)
Cafe Minnies
The Hurricane
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A plethora on the Ave in the U-District (my neck of the woods): Pita Pit, the Gyrocery, and there are a couple of pizza places open late as well. Not haute cuisine, of course, but pretty far from west coast fusion/bistro type food.
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I second the Hurricane.
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Best answer: You're looking for GopherNow - late night dining listings in your area.
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Response by poster: You're looking for GopherNow - late night dining listings in your area.

Ooh, that's a pretty cool site! It doesn't seem very comprehensive (I don't see The Hurricane or 13 Coins) but it looks very useful as a starting point. If nothing else it would be fun to be able to flesh out their database for future reference. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Sadly, Osmanthus, Stella's is gone :(

They lost their lease back in 2005.
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13 Coins, right next to the Seattle Times building.
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I'm glad you started this thread. I'm constantly amazed by how early everything seems to shut down. Maybe that's mostly because I'm a college student who keeps outrageous hours. Anyway.

Capitol Hill is a good place to look. For dessert and coffee I love Dilettante on Broadway. Open till 12:00, 1:00 on weekends. Definitely just a dessert place, though.

Also on Cap. Hill is Frite, a Belgian Fries place, which is supposed to be excellent (it's on my short list, but I've never been there). Open till 12:00, 2:30 on weekends.
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Randy's. This is right by Boeing. My husband and I refer to it as "Randy's Cold War Chicken." The food is, urm, well, imagine the cafeteria at a small airport in Iowa. It is, however, priced to match, and the atmosphere is something you won't soon forget.

May soon be open 24 hours:

Amante Pizza and Pasta on Olive Way. I'm not a big fan of their pasta, but the pizza is good.

Open late, but not quite 24-hours:

The Palace Kitchen, which serves food until 1:00 a.m. (And which has hamburgers that my normally bistro-allergic husband loves)

O'Asian Kitchen, which is overpriced but yummy.

The Broadway Grill, which is charming-- sort of laid back and peppy at the same time.

The Purple Dot. The food is Macao-style fusion, and quite frankly, you can't know whether you'll like it until you try it. For some it's ambrosia. For others, it's like an Asian-influenced Denny's gone horribly, horribly wrong. YM will most definitely V.

Six Arms Brewpub. Serves food until 1:00. Reliable, basic, and yummy. Make sure you get a pint of the ruby ale.
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I don't know if it's still the case, but China Gate, in the International district a) used to have good dim sum and b) used to serve it late at night. My friend used to eat their a lot after band practice, and playing shows at the croc.

My current favorite sushi restaurant, Chiso, in Freemont, have a late night menu that they offer from 10-1:30 Thursday through Staurday. I'm not sure what is on the menu, but my guess is that it's most of the sushi, and none of the hot dishes from the kitchen, except, maybe, Miso soup.
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There are quite a few restaurants in the International District that stay open well after midnight. If you like Chinese food, it's a great option.
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I'm going to second the Ave:

- Gyrocery
- New China Express
- Pizza Ragazzi
- A-Pizza Mart
- Pita Pit

Plus many, many more. All open well past midnight.
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Response by poster: Thanks! As the answers are rolling in, I have been updating GopherNow with your suggestions. May as well share the love!
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I didn't learn this until tonight, but Liberty on 15th Ave E in Capitol Hill serves sushi until 2am. And it's right around the corner from me... I need to get out more.
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