How do I make sure Outlook Express stays as the default Mail program?
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I just rebuilt a computer with XP Pro for a family member who got hit by multitudes of spyware. She uses Outlook Express but ever since the rebuild, the default email program keeps changing from Express to something else. Initially it was Outlook, as Office is installed, but since they don't use Outlook I uninstalled it and alas, the default email program switched to MSN Explorer or some such. Is there a way I can make sure Outlook Express remains the default program?
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sure - go to the Control Panel, Open "Add or Remove Programs" and click on "Set Program Access and Defaults" on the left hand side.

Click on the radio button for E-mail program and choose Outlook Express from the dropdown.

If you cannot access from here - click on the Custom button. and set it in the Choose a default email program.
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For someone who has just gotten hit with a multitude of spyware, Outlook Express might not be the best choice. It might be worthwhile to encourage her to switch to Thunderbird, or another email program that isn't regularly the target of exploits, viruses, etc.
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just want to second box, any form of Outlook is more pain than anyone needs
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Agreed, you're just asking for the same problems in the future with Outlook Express. Thunderbird is the way to go.
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Response by poster: i agree, and use thunderbird myself. i encouraged her to switch to firefox, but she's not comfortable with changing email programs (she's very un-computer literate).

clarkie666 - i will try this -- is it different to setting the default email program from within "internet options"?
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Also, once you're inside Set Program Access and Defaults, uncheck the "allow access" options on everything except Outlook Express.
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Isn't there a theme for Thunderbird that makes it look like outlook express? Couldn't you just put that on, change the icons, and just let her think she is using OE?
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