Caucusing in MN
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How does one caucus in MN? Also, any thoughts on clarifying one's choice among democratic candidates? [more]

I live in Minnesota and we have a caucus tomorrow. I have no idea how to participate in the caucus. It's strange that during an election there is much information about polling places, where to vote etc. I've heard nothing about how, when, and where to caucus. If I figured that out, then I would have to decide who to stand up for. I'm not really excited by or interested in any of the candidates, but I feel that I should do my part and be informed. How do I decide, as an "anyone but Bush" person, what I should do? How do I most effectively use my vote?
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I would start by contacting your college's chapter of the College Democrats. They should know where you can go to caucus and maybe even have a carpool organized to get you there.

I go to St. Thomas in St. Paul and that's what we're doing here.
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Good place to look would be the Democratic-Farm-Labor party website (The Democratic Party is called that in Minnesota).
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Response by poster: Thanks. I think I figured out the where and the when (from the DFL page). Now I just have to figure out the who.
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here's cnn's thing on where everyone stands on some issues. and i'll put in a good word for Edwards : >
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If you're further left and want to make an 'issues' vote, then Kucinich is the one for you (rethinking defense, increasing social spending, gay marriage, gun control, pro-choice, etc.). If you want to vote for someone "with a chance," then there's Kerry and Edwards. Kerry's more conventionally liberal than Edwards, but both have their strengths. (For instance, Kerry's haircut is a definite weakness.) I don't know very much about Sharpton.
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Issue for issue, most Americans agree with Kucinich. He gets ignored because in total, he's quite liberal, short, and single. I voted for him because I feel a vote for him supports liberal/progressive policies within the party.
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He gets ignored because in total, he's quite liberal, short, and single.

Not to mention honest (doesn't equivocate,) self-righteous, and anticharismatic. I have trouble believing "most Americans" agree with his issues as well.
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I agree with Kucinich more than any of the others, but I also realize he hasn't got a chance. He'd be a great Cabinet member tho (particularly Health or Education). I voted Edwards this morning (and call me shallow, but cute beats troll)
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hahhaa.. good answers people. apparently the skit is you simply need to show up at your caucus location ( and cast your vote - whatever that means technically - for presidential candidate etc . then you are free to leave, if you want to caucus on other issues and try to be a delegate for the district then you will need to stick around for an hour or so and get involved in the process.
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well, my cute candidate is now out, as of tomorrow--and people are still voting out west : <
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the input. I went to the caucus. It's a lot less demanding/intimidating than the Iowa caucus in that we voted on paper ballots. No standing up for your candidate in a corner of a room. I was kind of looking forward to the game theory/voting theory part of it where if your candidate doesn't meet the 15% viability threshold then you move somewhere else. I went to from a link off of matt's a.whole. My number one came back as 100% compatible and so that is who I voted/caucused for. Apparently there were way more people than usual.

Our results:
186 ballots cast
Clark 2
Dean 3
Edwards 57
Kerry 92
Cucinich 27
Lieberman 0
Sharpton 5
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