How do I get a DVD playing on two screens?
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How do I have one DVD player go to two TV's?

I am looking to configure a way to have one DVD player send it's image to two TV's. I have looked at Best Buy and other electronics stores for some information or products with no luck. The two TV's are standard non-HD capable TV's with only one antenna output and one set of component jacks a piece. The closest example I can think of is at electronic stores, they have walls of TV's playing the same thing. Is there a basic way to do this or is it so complicated/expensive it's not even worth it?
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Depends on your player and TVs, but I know my DVD player plays out of all of its outputs at the same time.... so I suppose if I had a tv which took composite and a tv that took S-video I could have two going.
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It's so easy that you're probably overlooking it.

You can get a coaxial cable splitter at your local Radio Shack-like store - these tend to slightly degrade the signal but it won't matter with just two TVs.
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Actually, what you will want is a component splitter unless you are confusing composite with component, in which case you want a Composite splitter.
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It's not cheap, but this device will let you send a signal from any A/V device to any monitor within 400 feet, even through walls.
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Yeah, nthing a splitter -- though you *might* need an amplified one, depending on all the components involved.

Or, as ppt points out, if you're ok hooking one up RF and the other component, or {insert combination of outputs here} that will *usually* work too.
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