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Is there a way to replicate "I'm Feeling Lucky" in IE 7's search bar?

At the top right of my browser in Internet Explorer 7, there is a customizable search window. You can link it to any search engine imaginable by going to it, searching for the word "TEST," and copy-pasting the URL for the page you go to next.

Is there a way to get that to do what the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button does on Google? i.e., take me to the first website that matches my search? The easiest way might be if someone knew the intermediate page between you searching for something and Google delivering it to you. I just don't know how to do that.
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I knew I could count on you guys. Awesome. Thanks!
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While I have no experience with IE 7, it is overwhelmingly likely that Dave's Quick Search Deskbar does a superior job, compared to the browser's search bar..

In Dave's Quick Search, you get directly linked to the I'm feeling lucky result by typing "! [search term]" (exclamation mark, followed by the search term).
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