Help me locate this poem:- THE CONCEPTION
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Poetry filter:- help me identify the author of this poem and maybe direct me to a volume containing it. The title (I think) is THE CONCEPTION...

I bought a book of poetry in 1997. It was a collection of poems for each day of the year and I think it had 365 in the title. The poem I am trying to locate was found in this volume. I have tried my hardest to find the book or the poem as I misplaced my book when I moved flat in '97. I memorised the poem (moody teen that I was!) and am pretty sure I still have it word perfect. If you can help me locate the origins of the poem I would be very grateful for info on who wrote it, when was it written and where can I find it in book form?

Death did not come to my mother
like an old friend
she was a mother and she must conceive him
up and down the bed she fought crying
help me
but death was a slow child
and heavy
he waited and when he was born
we took and tired him
and now he is ready to do his good in the world
he has my mother's features
he can go amongst strangers and save lives
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Dude. Did you use Google?

The first, and only, result is this page, which suggests it was written by Josephine Miles.

Searching Amazon then suggests this book of her 'Collected Poems'.

Then Amazon's 'Search Inside' feature shows that the poem you want is on page 199.
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Best answer: I found it here. It's by Jospehine Miles.
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Best answer: According to Dave it was written by Josephine Miles. That should get you started.
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The table of contents (again, on Amazon's Search Inside) shows the poem was published in a collection in 1974. Her previous collection was published in 1968, which narrows down the time period.
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Response by poster: Wow! That was quick. I have been googling this using all the keywords I can think of for a few years now (and including all lines from said poem) to no avail.

Once again thanks all for the speedy assistance. The amazon link has been utilised and I can't wait for the post man to pop it through my letter-box in a couple of days.
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Best answer: Tip: don't google keywords, google an extended quote.
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You don't even need the quote to be that extended
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