Batch Speech Transcription programs?
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Batch Speech Transcription?

Are there any programs that, given a directory of wav or mp3 files, can do voice recognition and transcription on them? I don't need perfect accuracy.
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I've been looking for this too. I'm assuming the previous incarnations of this question didn't yield satisfactory answers. There really doesn't seem to be anything accurate out there at all, unless the voice on your files is enunciating perfectly. I'd be thrilled if someone could demonstrate otherwise.
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Haven't checked any of the programs linked, but this might be worth investigating.
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Response by poster: I wonder how podzinger does it, then. They can't have hired people to transcribe all those podcasts, can they?
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Podzinger uses speech recognition software. It is a spinoff of BBN Technologies, a company that has been working on speech recognition for decades. I don't believe they have (or will) released their software for public use.
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Best answer: There are products that claim to support batch transcription. They are far from cheap:

Dragon Naturally Speaking SDK Server Edition (contact Nuance for pricing)

Wizzscribe SI for Linux $3400
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There was also another company, I can't remember their name offhand, that did podcasts and they kept their costs down by hiring transcriptionists from India.
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I remember seeing transcription fairly cheap on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. A company that does transcription using that is Casting Words, so that might be another option.
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