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Expensive lost baggage and multiple travel insurance policies.

Having returned from a trip to Houston on Friday, our largest suitcase containing the big ticket items ($2000 coat, $500 suits etc) that we received for our wedding didn't make it. I have my Amex platinum insurance (£2000, £500 per item max) as well as a work policy that covers personal travel (£1500, £300 per item max). Is it allowed to claim from both policies? In addition, should I also claim from the airline? Has anyone been successful in doing this? Experiences welcome.
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Check the terms of your policies. They will specifically state whether it is permissable to claim residual value from another policy on their policy.

In some cases, it may be that you can only receive the maximum amount allowable under that policy. So, for example, if you have an item worth 800, you might be able to claim 300 from your work policy, but then the other policy might only pay 200, not the rest of the 800.
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American Airlines lost a bag of mine and I was eventually (6 months later) able to recover about $800 directly from the airline. From what I learned of their policy (no idea if it's standard), you'll need receipts for any item you claim over $100. Also, for whatever reason, they reimbursed less for international travel than US domestic.

This is taken from their customer service information:
"For travel governed by the Warsaw Convention, we will reimburse up to $9.07 per pound, up to a maximum weight of 70 pounds per checked bag (a maximum of $634.90 per checked bag). For travel governed by the Montreal Convention, we will reimburse up to 1,000 SDR's per ticketed customer. These limits may be lower for additional pieces to certain international destinations or when using connecting carriers."

In other words: not a lot if your bag had some expensive stuff in it. Of course this could all vary based on airline, but I'd recommend at least trying to get something from them.
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The U.S. and UK are both bound by the Montreal Convention, so your limit to claim from the airline is 1000 SDR = about $1500 per passenger. Definitely put a claim in writing in with the airline as soon as possible—they may arbitrarily set deadlines for receipt of claims. I assume you reported the lost baggage at the airport.

Also, I'm really surprised the airline has admitted your baggage is permanently lost after only a couple of days. There's not a chance they'll find it? Sometimes it can take weeks.
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Response by poster: They haven't admitted its lost, just covering all the bases in case it is - hopefully it will pop up soon! Was mainly wondering about the claiming from both policies and usual airlne compensation. Would have been nicer if it was on the outward leg as then American express delay insurance (£600 a pop) would have kicked in. Sigh.
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Houston, you say? Better start checking Dumpsters.
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