Beer in Atlanta.
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Is there a bar in Atlanta where I can get John Courage?

It's been harder to find since the parent company executed a partial pullout of the US market. I'd prefer inside-the-perimeter locations, if they exist. Thanks.
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Citysearch says the Ship & Anchor pub has it.
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You might want to check the Brick Store.
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That's in Decatur, by the way.
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re: the Ship and Anchor - I'm somewhat of a regular there, and I can tell you that while I've seen John Courage on the menu before, the beer list changes very frequently. Call first and ask. It's not ITP, either, although it's pretty close, on Roswell Road.
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The Brick Store almost certainly has it, but only in a bottle. They stock about 300(give or take a few) beers and they're all good'uns. Lots of obscure stuff. They also have about 10 Belgians on tap and 15 other beers. I drank an Erlanbacher there last weekend. Awesome.
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I see that the Rose and Crown is no more, but Fadó in Buckhead used to serve it.

(John Courage is an odd beer, or at least an odd name -- a combination of John Smith's and Courage, two breweries serving the north and south of England respectively.)
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Vortex No
Brick Store No
Taco Mac No
Ship & Anchor It's on their menu
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