Can't think of this movie?
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What movie has a scene where there is a debate on the difference between flan and Creme Brulee? I believe the scene might be in a diner.
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This isn't a movie, but on the most recent Thanksgiving episode of Top Chef, this was discussed...
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Could it be the Jack Black/Ben Stiller film Envy? There's a bit towards the end about inventing "Pocket Flan" - flan in a tube.
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My Best Friend's Wedding? Julia Roberts says something about her relationship being like a creme brulee.

However, I have a feeling I recently saw a movie that had this debate. Since I haven't seen many movies since having a baby, I would say it came out prior to 2005.
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Response by poster: Hmmm...I don't think it was Envy or My Best Friend's Wedding. Let me try to get more info as I'm asking for a friend who has been tortured by this.
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I know I've seen it, but can't guess where. Pretty sure it wasn't Envy.

Google turns up Leaving Normal and Real Women Have Curves as movies that have scenes involving flan.
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Would it be Melvin Goes to Dinner? The entire movie is set in a diner and I think I remember that part...
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