Help an artist with his style?
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PortfolioWebsiteFilter: I need some examples of aesthetically pleasing websites!

Ok Hivemind, so despite being an artist (and therefore, apparently, creative) I want to build a website to document my art portfolio for colleges and future job opportunities and I just can't figure out what basic layout would work the best for ease-of use and generally looking nice. I have a solid knowledge of HTML (archaic, I know,) and am learning CSS quickly and without any issues.

So, sidebar, header bar, or no over-all structure, instead individual pages?

Anyone have any good examples of a good-looking website (particularly ones with a large amount of graphics and style) ?

Also, any resources on building a sturdy (for lack of a better word) and easily-maintainable sites?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and if any sites are given that require slightly more than what I know, let me know if you can! I'm in no way opposed to learning more about design, development, or programming!
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Best answer: The CSSVault has a nice collection of sites that show off a variety of styles. You can also check out the CSS Zen Garden for a variety of styles applied to the same page.

You could have something similar - build up the portfolio pages (if there are a few different media you're working with, you might want to have subpages for each, with a navigation bar horizontally laid out at the top, or vertically along the side depending on what dimension you need to maximize.) Then, come up with a good-looking default CSS style for the page, and a few nice alternates, and somewhere unobtrusive, allow users to change them around.

As for tools, I like Dreamweaver for its ability to get out of the way when I'm working with the code, but in my experience the built-in renderer is iffy and you're best off previewing in external browsers.
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If you don't want to build it yourself, have a look at Big Black Bag. They have some sample websites here and a page comparing their services to their competitors here. The prices on the comparison page aren't very current, but you can follow the links and see what other creatives are doing on their sites. Good luck!
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I've always really liked the design of David Watson's CADTutor. [That's why I've linked it before.] And not only is it a pretty site; it also has some resources on web building.
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This one is dead simple, no flashy code, lots of space:
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Snagt is a nice one.
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Keri Smith's, also an artist
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Although it is in a transitional phase right now, it is stellar design. Look for the "In the meantime, you can still view our previous portfolio(s) here" link.
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I took Tufte's one day class this year and he said the gold standard for website with graphics is "google news".
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Best answer: Please... please, avoid flash based designs.
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Here is a flash page that got good reviews a while back.
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Definitely check out Noah Grey's site (he of Greymatter fame).
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Best answer: Here is a fickr gallery of over 300 websites. Some of them are the most beautiful I've ever seen.
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