How can I force Installshield to install an app to a diff. drive than the system drive?
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I'm trying to install my kid's new PC game and the idiot developers didn't allow me to change the drive I want to install it'll only install to the system drive and I don't have enough space. It's regular old Installshield; surely there must be a way to get around this?
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You could just merge the drive with another one, so that you'll have more space.
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A quick google brings this up as a possibility:

Setup.exe /s /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=D:\Destination"


try running that on the command line
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Make a junction point on the system drive to a directory on a disk where you have more space.
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chndrcks - good idea, but it's not MSIEXEC based, apparently, so it's not working.

grouse - no go - it's FAT32, not NTFS
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You can use unshield to extract InstallShield's cab files wherever you want. It depends on how much on-the-fly configuration was going to happen whether this will really get you appreciably closer to having an installed game, though.
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Which game is it?
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What I've done in these situations is install it on the C drive then figure out where all the big-ass resource files live and move them to a different drive, then poke around in the game's .ini files and and edit them to point to the new location. Oh wait, your whole problem is a lack of space to install in the first place so that won't help.
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Are there any other system requirements that you're lacking on? What else is on the drive? How big is the drive? Do you have an additional hard drive in the machine? (sounds like it)

More details, por favor!
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