Recommendation on a carpet installer in Seattle?
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Anyone have recommendations for carpet installers in eastside Seattle that you've worked with?

I recently learned that the Home Depot subcontracts for carpet installation, and would rather cut the middle man out of the picture and work directly with a local installer.

I've done some preliminary search on Google, Superpages, Yahoo Answers, Ask Metafilter and Lifehacker, but nothing really concrete. Not even a checklist of things you should ask when looking to get quotes.

Can anyone post up some URL's or references in the Seattle area (more exactly, eastside Woodinville/Redmond/Bellevue) for carpet installation? If you have it, please post the L&I number if handy. Otherwise I'll hunt it down myself.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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FYI, when I worked in the carpet biz (vendor rep on the (at the time) sole carpet supplier to Lowe's), there wasn't any markup on carpet installation -- in fact, most installers were installing at below their normal rates, so if your interest in cutting out the middleman is related to cost, I think that's a non-issue.

For what it's worth, when the day comes for us to install new carpet, I'm definitely planning to get it done from start to finish through Lowe's or Home Depot; I assume that if anything goes wrong with the installation, that it will be a lot easier to get relief from them than directly from the mom-and-pop.

Be sure you also buy the pad in advance; don't buy it from the installer, who may telling you you're getting 8-pound, but is actually putting in 3-pound junk that's going to dissolve in six months.
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