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Is there a good on-line source for Japanese cookware in the U.S.? Things like dropped lids and a tofu press are what I'm looking for, not cute sushi sets, etc.
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This place has the tofu press.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Vorfeed. In my searching, that did seem to be the best single source for the press. I was hoping to find a good on-line source where I could get several things at once, but I'll get my tofu press there. I can't believe nobody online wants to sell me an Otoshi buta or two!
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If you know what you want this is the store to find interesting ranges of Japanese cooking items including tableware, cutlery and obscure pans Soko Hardware. They are not online but they have it all.

Be sure to measure very precisely the size of drop lid you need. I was in Tokyo and went insane and got many an Otoshi buta but came to realize that the sizing was not quite right.

Your profile does not tell me exactly where you are but there is also a Soko Hardware store in San Jose.
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Try inquiring at Korin. If you are ordering a number of items, I'm sure they'd be open to sourcing a tofu press for you.

You could also try making friends with your favorite local sushi chef and asking if you could browse their catalog. Like any restaurant, they need to regularly reorder new and replacement equipment. If you're nice, they may let you attach some things you need to their next order.
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