Is David Lynch generous to fans?
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[DavidLynchFilter] I'm going to be able to see David Lynch as part of a screening for his new movie this Sunday. Does he sign autographs? Will he pose with you for pictures?

I don't want to look stupid, or get my hopes up, but I think it would be really fun to have a picture around of me with David Lynch. I'm willing to wait around until the crowd clears and I'm not looking to monopolize his attention or anything.

Is this dumb? Or is it likely if I stick around and wait my turn I'll get my coveted photo/autograph?
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I've never met David Lynch in person, but I had some brief internet correspondence with him awhile back and he was quite personable.

Assuming you have an opportunity to say hello, he strikes me as the type of person who would sign an autograph and pose for a picture.
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I've never met him but I was pretty good friends with his nephew in college - apparently he's really personable, but a

I doubt he'll shun you. Plus, you probably won't be the only one trying to snag a pic. I'm sure there will be plenty of people doing the same, and he's probably expecting it.
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That's EXACTLY what I was going to say, trip and a half.

I was a huge Twin Peaks fan... HUGE. But I've never been the same since seeing a documentary on DL's rotten meat mixed media paintings. I just remember him yelling something about needing "more meat" and that there weren't enough maggots...

I think I'm gonna be sick.
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It's simple numbers. Lynch -- who, according to everything I've ever heard about him, is quite personable with fans -- is only going to pose for pictures and sign autographs if there are only a few fans in attendance. The assumption will be that if he does it for one person, he better be ready to do it for everyone. And dude is not going to spend an hour as a whole line of people wait for their 30 seconds (this isn't a convention where he'll sit behind a booth or a press junket where he's expected to make time). Point being: if there are more than a few dozen people at the screening -- which there will be -- he will not be signing autographs. And my advice would be that you should absolutely not be the first person to approach him, because he knows this will open the flood gates, and he will likely decline and make you feel pretty silly. Now if you can catch him by himself, when granting one picture won't lead to another, then you got a chance. And don't bother kissing ass or offering small talk: "Mr. Lynch, could I bother you for a picture" will do just fine. Get in, get out, then piss off.
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A few of my college-friends met him at a film festival/industry event in Poland and they did the gushing fanboy thing. He was apparently the nicest guy you could think of and was more than happy to chat with them. This was a small setting though, so he wasn't being mobbed or the center of attention.

Give him a kiss for me, though.
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Just before the picture is taken, whisper into his ear "now it's dark."
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God bless that man.

Anyway, follow JPowers' advice. I bet if you approach him alone you can get a picture for sure.
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I'll play it by ear then, and let everyone know how it goes. I'm already relieved that he's probably not adverse to it, but would only not do it if it would take hours for a big crowd. (totally understandable).

It's the last showing on sunday, so maybe all the non-hackers will retreat to bed and leave him to a tiny crowd after the organized Q&A. Here's hopin'!
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You're going to AFI on Sunday too! I am so excited (even though it's a showing of a 3-hour movie at 11:30 PM)
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I am so irritated that I found out about this thing too late to get tickets, but enjoy it! :D And yes, I think JPowers nailed the correct answer.
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troybob! cowbellemoo! Stop all this talk about ears. This is the director of Twin Peaks.
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Or Blue Velvet even.
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FWIW, if you're going to see Inland Empire, prepare yourself for a wild ride. It's one of the most harrowing and deeply unsettling cinematic experiences I've ever had.
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