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I'm going to Panama for a short (6 days) trip and am looking for recommendations for how to spend my time.

Originally this was going to be a mostly sport-fishing centered trip, but the boat we were planning to visit was damaged in a recent storm and needs to be repaired. It looks like we'll be spending more time in or near Panama City, Panama than we originally planned and I'm looking for recommendations on what to do or see in the area. Bonus points for recommending good casinos that spread low- to medium-stakes No-Limit Texas Hold 'em poker games. Thanks!
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Well, I don't gamble, but I did spend 6 or so days in Panama a few years ago.

My recommendations:
- Hike to the twin waterfalls Romeo y Julieta. Where are they? I have no idea - google only returns cigars.
- Visit the lookout - it's the only place on the continent where you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
- See the canal (of course).
- Visit the Florida State University campus, and tour the old military reservations - it's American hegemony, with class!
- Visit el zona libre in colon to buy things cheap (duty-free!).
- Visit any number of the old Spanish forts in the area.
- Go to mass. Seriously, it's different in these Catholic countries.
- Drive up to Cerro Azul.

Oh man, Panama is beautiful and friendly and cheap, cheap, cheap! Best of all, their paper currency (Balboa) bears a striking resemblance to US Dollars!
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Buy some hats.
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Take a short boat ride to a small island called Taboga to kill time and ask about some pick up games. From what I remember the locals on the boat have a good handle on what goes on in the city. They are the guys selling the beer on the boat for 50 cents. If you don't take the ferry at least you'll be around the busy part of town. Just be careful who you ask about a game out there. The cabbies get a cut from whatever place they drop you off; so they will convince you that you are going to a 'poker game' and if your like me you will end up in a house of ill repute.

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here is the link to the site for Taboga

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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far.

Are you saying to ask about pick up games of poker, smavedax? I'm not sure I want to find random home or underground poker games in Panama. From what I understand, there are a number of proper casinos in Panama that may or may not spread my preferred game of NLHE.
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