Where can i buy preserved lemons?
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Where can I buy preserved lemon in the SF Bay Area?

I know, I know, I should make my own, but I need it tomorrow so I can't wait for it to cure. Thanks in advance.
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Dried lemons? I saw this at a middle eastern grocery in San Jose... is that what you're looking for? It was sold in large bags full of small, dried, brownish lemons.
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Sur La Table stocks preserved lemons.
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To clarify, I'm talking about Moroccan/North African style whole lemons that are preserved in salt and lemon juice, as by this recipe.
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rorycberger, I'm with J-Train. I think the Moroccan preserved lemons at Sur La Table are similar to the preserved lemons that would be the product of the recipe to which you link.
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Hmm... Now that I think about it, for the benefit of future readers of this thread, I think this link to Sur La Table's Moroccan preserved lemons is less likely to break in the future.
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Yep, I've had half a jar of Mustapha's Moroccan Lemons Preserved sitting in my fridge for the past year (no idea how long it keeps once opened), after a day-long search for them for a dish that had me stuffing them + butter under the skin of some chicken quarters. Mmm. No idea where I put that recipe, unfortunately. It (and that brand of preserved lemon, though I haven't had any other) was fantastic.
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Yep, I've bought them at Sur La Table and have also seen them at Whole Foods. In the case of Whoe Foods, they were oddly placed in the cheese/chocolate cases, as sort of decorative objects, which made them difficult to find.
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Here's a recipe for 'Overnight preserved lemons' in case you can't find any. It cheats by putting them in the freezer to break down the cells.
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Great, thanks everyone!
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Making them is incredibly easy, if not a lot more expensive than buying it premade. The first time you make it, you'll need at least a dozen lemons just for the juice. The good news is that you can re-use the brining liquid after you've used up all of the lemons.
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This is weird, I just made some myself yesterday. I've never tried them before.
Must be something in the air.
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fyi, if anyone is looking at this later, I found them at Boulettes Larder, for much cheaper than Sur La Table. I cleaned out their whole supply though, so you may have to wait a week or two before they have any more.
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So, what are you going to do with them? I'll need some ideas in a few weeks!
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I'm slicing them into julienne and serving with 40 lbs of grilled morrocan spiced lamb sirloin steaks.

Doing a big BBQ for my company tomorrow - serving pulled pork, sliced brisket, teriyaki chicken breasts, four kinds of sausages, and the aforementioned lamb. Should be lots of fun!

For more everyday use, I like them alongside meats as a counterpoint to heavy sauces/gravies. Also great in stews, salads, tartares, etc. Anywhere you want to brighten things with a burst of lemony flavor.
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