How do you resign from a job that you've never actually worked?
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How do you resign from a job that you've never actually worked? I was hired in the fall to teach a continuing ed photography class, but not enough people signed up, so I didn't teach the class. Same thing happened in winter quarter, not enough people to have the class. Now I'm in the position where I can't really do it spring quarter and this will be the time when there are enough people. So, how do I let them know I can't do it?
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Unless you're tied to a contract, it seems rather simple, really -- write a letter to your employer, ASAP, outlining the situation, point out the irony in a humourus manner (optional), and hope for the best. If it's only a temporary problem, let them know so that they might consider you when you become available again.

Better that they know in advance so they can hire someone to meet the demand.

What's probably more important is your availablity to teach, rather than the fact that you actually have/haven't taught. Not having enough people to form a class isn't your fault. Your employer should appreciate the heads-up.
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Agreed. You still have the job, just no work to do. Tell your boss that you aren't available to teach the spring class.
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