Recommendations for titles, DJs and, if appropriate, locations of good mashups would be appreciated.
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I know this will probably mark me as hopelessly behind the times, but I picked up The Grey Album yesterday, which reminded me that I finally have the hard drive space and internet connection I need to go find out about these mash-ups all the kids are talking about, or were talking about six months ago. Recommendations for titles, DJs and, if appropriate, locations would be appreciated.

All I've got to date are the great Public Enemy/Herb Alpert remixes.

Strangely, I couldn't find threads about this since day one on MeFi proper. Anyone think I should take this discussion there?
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I highly recommend the missy eliot/everyone on earth ones--scroll here for links
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As far as remixes: the audio bullys essential mix from radio 1, as well as the 'kill the dj' radio 1 christmas day mix. Both good stuff, available from your friendly p2p app.
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The original and still the best.
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I have a very good selection of mash-ups from boom selection and other places. I find that sometimes you have to search your local p2p network for words like "vs" to track some down. I'll make you a copy of mine if you'd like. Email me.
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Osymyso has done some pioneering stuff - check out Intro - Inspection, and BackToTheBasics.
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Actually, (s)mash-ups were mentioned here:

And the Grey Album mentioned here:
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this has become one my my main bootleg sources recently:

Though The Grey Album seems to have had decent crossover appeal, I can't say that I like it very much. If they were 1:1 mashups that just dealt with time and pitch shifting of the Beatles material, I would be more impressed. But these are basically instrumental Beatles songs remixed and then interspersed with the Jay-Z's vocals.

But this isn't the blue, so I'll hold my tongue. Anyways, I hit up NeverHeardIt every few days, download everything that looks familiar, and I've heard some great stuff.
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Soulwax [few tracks here]. Yum. These guys have 3 album-lenght sets called "Hang the DJ Vol. [n]" where N is 1,2,3. They also have another compilation called 2 Many DJs (as heard on Radio Soulwax).

Oh, and Plunderphonics.

There's also an album called Old School vs. New School that I like a lot, though it's not strictly mashed up and instead sometimes a bit of a reinvention. It's more Verve Remixed, but I like it.
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Dsico is my favorite bootleg remix artist. His stuff is crazy and kind of on a skittery IDM kind of flavor.
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The two single best mash-ups I heard in 2003 were:

Soundhog's "A Day in Tracy's Life" [download], blending The Beatles, Mogwai, and Kid Loco, and

Loo & Placido's "DJ Love Affair" [download], featuring Curtis Mayfield, the Notwist, Indeep and Daft Punk.

Both of these cuts are whole, beautiful, brilliant songs - combining the elements in order to create something completely new (and not just doing neat-o juxtapositions, as with the first wave of bootlegs/mash-ups).
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blending The Beatles, Mogwai, and Kid Loco

although it doesn't require much skill to blend mogwai and kid loco, as everyone who owns kicking a dead pig will know.
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It's not quite what you're looking for, but you may like the Evolution Control Committee, who did those PE/Alpert mixes, as well as the great AC/DC/Dan Rather collaboration. (click on "Sounds", then "Rocked By Rape.")
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Go Home Productions. Don't go home without it!
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