That one with that guy who was in the movie that was out last year ... ooh, Navy Seals!
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Mefi-ites, please give me some general tips on how to identify a movie I once saw in passing, and now desperately can't identify. IMDB, Wikipedia, Koreanfilm, all provide too many results. Are there sites with dynamic search options could help those of us afflicted with this problem to narrow the list to, say, something like "south korean sci-fi in the last 5-8 years with futuristic robots, a scientists' dead son who is revived, and featuring beautiful blue-screen effects" (or something like that)?
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More than likely you're talking about Casshern. I'm shocked that you could ever forget such a film, it being perhaps the craziest movie to come out of Japan and one of the very few films that have left me truly speechless after it was over.
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IMDB Power Search is pretty neat. It's a pay service w/free trials.
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Allmovie has a lot of information, but it's not necessarily easy to get to it. And lots of union library catalogs (WorldCat, for example) have the same kind of features, though the library catalogs are better for limiting by publisher or copyright date than, say, themes or actors.
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IMDB Power Search is pretty neat. It's a pay service w/free trials.

IMdB Power Search is entirely free and so far always has been. The "free trial" you're seeing referred to is the spammed-everywhere-on-IMdB ad for

Although you apparently already have an answer, IMdB's "plot keywords" would be your friend in similar circumstances.
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Props for that title. Ooh, Navy Seals! Indeed.

Anyhow, if you're old like me, you can always try Usenet movie groups. I don't think there's a movie the people on rec.arts.movies.past-films can't identify, and the people on alt.movies.silent are so knowledgeable it's frightening.
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Thanks for reminding me about Casshern. I completely forgot about it after being blown away by the trailer a few years ago. Anyone know where someone in the US (DC, specifically) can find a copy?
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I got my version of Casshern from I don't remember how long it took to deliver, but it wasn't unreasonable.

I opted for the special edition, but they have several available, including a limited edition coming later this month.
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IMDB Power Search is NOT a pay service.
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There was an earlier AskMefi thread about Casshern here. The general consensus is that although the trailer is kick-ass, the movie does not live up to it. Borrow, don't buy.
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