Zipper Disease
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What is "zipper disease?"

I came across this
and it says

My zipper is broken and won't shut. Can I send it in?

While zipper failure is usually due to normal wear and tear, we will repair or replace any pack that has contracted "zipper disease". Please send your pack to our warranty service center.

I tried searching google, but I can't figure out what this "Zipper Disease" is.
Anyone know
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I think it's just the Jansport people trying to be clever.
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It's where the zipper teeth spontaneously separate without being unzipped, thus allowing the items that were supposed to be safely zipped inside to come tumbling out in an uncontrollable rush.

Can refer to people (e.g. former Presidents) as well as luggage.
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In my experience, once a zipper fails once, it's never right again.

The 'base' end which is supposed to always be closed (even when most of the zipper is open) is no longer really closed, so any spreading force at that base end causes the whole affair to come unzipped. It really is kind of like a terminal illness, for zippers.
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Not terminal. It's fixable - I have done it. Look here.
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My old schoolbag (which I got in 1974 and have used as a travelling bag ever since) really does have a terminal case of zipper disease now. The zip comes apart all by itself at any point where there's any kind of tension across it; it doesn't merely unzip from the wrong end.

Still, it lasted 30 years before giving out, which I reckon is pretty bloody good.
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jansport is really good about fixing or replacing bags where the zipper has given up the ghost. we did it a number of times 15-20 years ago. so send it in!
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Experts don't agree on what causes zipper disease, but it's a fly that spreads it.
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My luggage store says zipper disease is cured by cleanning the zipper.
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