Commercial with Modern Romans?
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I'm trying to get my hands on a TV commercial from a few years ago for some financial or business company, with a vision of a modern Roman Empire. What I remember: Caesar steps out of an SPQR limousine, illuminated by flashbulbs and surrounded by black-suited, earpieced Praetorian guard, then an image of a Roman New York, with a statue of Caesar instead of Liberty. Any pointers on finding this commercial? Also, are there any fictional works that deal with the what-if subject of the Modern Roman Empire? Thanks!
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You may be thinking of Titus. It's a movie version of "Titus Andronicus" with a modern-Roman-Empire setting.

(In case you're not familiar with the play, it's not for the faint of stomach).
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If you want a "modern Roman" take on things then I highly recommend "Romanitas" by Sophia McDougal. It's an entertaining, dense and only slightly hokey look at what would happen if the Roman Empire hadn't fallen.
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Robert Silverberg's "Roma Eterna" is a collection of short stories about a Roman empire that never fell.
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And of course Star Trek's Bread and Circuses episode.
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I remember the ad you're talking about, but sadly, not the company it advertised.
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I think the ad was for a show on the History channel.
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I too remember the ad, and would like to view it once again. Alas, I do not recall the company. I guess great minds forget alike.
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I'm another one who remembers the ad, but not what it was for. Somebody here has to know.
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Response by poster: I'm absolutely sure it was for a business-services company of some sort. The voiceover was something like "With corporate management like these, any business can grow and prosper into the future..."
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try searching:

you have to donate to see a commercial.
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Best answer: Mystery solved! I recieved this last night:

I think you are thinking of the Computer Associates 'Caesar'

Unfortunately I can't post to askme right now, but if this turns out
to be the right one, do drop a note in the thread for future reference
and what-not.

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