Who is the artist
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I am desperate to find the artist and/or title of this painting. It is driving me crazy searching. Thanks so much.

Please contact me so that I can send a pic of painting. I dont know how to submit pic. siahny@comcast.net
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siahny... Rather than asking people to email you, why don't you give a link to the pic in question (via a public website where it's hosted) or upload it somewhere and provide a link... You'll get way more feedback that way.
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I've just emailed her for the picture; once I get it I'll upload it and post it.
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Two nights ago I dreamt of a cat and a woman and a maid. Both were engulfed in fire. A voice said, "Take in this scene, for you will be asked to describe it. It is by X. Do not forget X, or the cat's eyes will haunt your dreams". Alas, I have forgotten X.
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And for chrissakes, clean up those tags.
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Bad post. No help for you.
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This is ridiculous.
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