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Help me find the (prolific, I think) short story writer I read in high school! Fuzzy, mixed up memories inside.

While in high school I remember reading a short story. As I recall, it went something along the lines of a man is searching for the train station, but no matter how many people he asks, no one knows where it is. I think they give inane and useless answers. He misses his train. The story is extremely short.

As far as the author, it seems like he was in a war (WWI or WWII I believe) and was somehow injured. He went back to his home country, but was told he only had a brief time to live. He spends his remaining time writing a large number of very short stories.

I may be getting some of this wrong (or hell, maybe all of it), but that's what I remember. If you know anyone who could remotely fit the description, please let me know.
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It's an outside chance, but you may be thinking of the story "The Artificial Nigger" by Flannery O'Connor.
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This sounds a lot like Kafka (both in tone and the particular story - not to mention your German title line). I'll try to follow up shortly with the title of the exact story.
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I think the story is "Gibs Auf!" ("Give Up!"). There are full German and English versions on the web -- search Google for Kafka and the name of the story.
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I guess the more literal translation "Give It Up" is used. Sorry about that.
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Seconding "Give It Up!" by Kafka, though the biographical details don't really match (save for knowing that he had a relatively short time to live; I think K was just sickly and not a veteran, though I could be wrong). He definitely penned "very short stories" -- if memory serves, "Give It Up!" is all of two pages.
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Give it Up!

It's only about 150 words (at least the translations I can find are), and the protaganist only asks one person, a policeman, the way. No mention of him missing the train.
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In the future if you're trying to remember a forgotten childhood book you might try Loganberry Books. They have solved many cases of forgotten childhood favorites.
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Thanks everyone. I don't know where I got that biography, but the story is definitely Gibs Auf! I had sworn it wasn't Kafka, but I guess I was wrong.
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Could it be Gerald Kersh? He was in WWII and suffered from ill health all through the fifties. He also wrote tons of short stories.
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