Repository of Michael Chabon essays?
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Trying to find a Michael Chabon essay on regret and unhapppiness from Details magazine.

Yesterday at the gym, I was perusing a Details magazine, when I happened upon a Michael Chabon essay wherein he discussed growing up, 'tristeza', getting married, getting divorced, etc. There was a neat little summary about how one goes about developing regret, which I would love to have for myself (I have a young and reckless family member who might respond to such words). Unfortunately, I didn't get a look at the cover (there was an article about influential men), so I can't offer any guidance as to issue numbers. I am hoping that somebody can point me in the direction of a copy of that essay online (I can't find it). Hope me?
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Chabon's official (and perhaps now defunct) website has an archive of his monthly columns, most of which looks like they're from Details magazine. It looks like it only goes up to August 2006.
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I loves me some Chabon so am searching for this. Evidently Chabon was writing a regular monthly column for Details Magazine...but their website appears to have no search mechanism.
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On the front page of Mr. Chabon's website(, he says:

"I’m tired of having to maintain, but I hate that it gets stale, and so quickly. Yet I don’t feel comfortable with or have any interest in getting somebody else to do it for me. So I’ve decided, not without regret, to take it down, a little at a time, starting with the posting of my monthly Details column.em>

(The bolded content was done by me for emphasis)

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Response by poster: I too loves me some Chabon, vito90, and was surprised to find an essay by him in a magazine I consider a bit less, um, intellectually rigorous. I appreciate all of your help, but I guess that I am just going to have to beg the gym to give me that issue of Details so I can copy it myself. I just can't believe that it isn't available anywhere online! Damn that Details magazine for not having any semblance of a search function on its crappy site.
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I don't know where to find it online, but it's in the October issue (pg. 200).
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Response by poster: Concrete, do you have a copy of that issue? Did you see the paragraph about regret? I don't suppose you would want to, um, perhaps transcribe it for me? Much obliged if you are still following this thread!
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