Wireless Router Connectivity Blues
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Help me get my wireless router to connect to the internet.

I'm trying to set up a wireless router for my parents. It's a Linksys WRT54G. They run Windows XP, use Comcast cable internet, and previously connected two computers with a regular Linksys router.

When I connect everything to the router, the computer connects to the router and I can access its setup page, but it won't find a DNS server or get an IP address, so I can't do anything else. What am I missing here?
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Are you replacing the wired router, or just plugging into it? If you're replacing it, did you unplug and replug the cable modem?
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Uh, from the power, not the cable.
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Response by poster: I'm replacing the router. Yes, I've power-cycled the cable modem.
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Standard Comcast procedure.

Unplug router and modem.
Remove coax cable from cable modem.

Wait 2 minutes.

Plug in coax cable to modem
Plug in modem, wait til all regular lights come on.
Plug in router, connect to modem.

Connect to PC.
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Response by poster: Huh, well I tried everything from the beginning again and it worked. I knew I was probably just being stupid about something. Thanks anyway.
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For future readers - It was definitely a MAC address timeout issue on the cable modem. ALWAYS power cycle the cable modem completely if you change the router/computer plugged into it.
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For future reference - I had the same problem with this router when setting it up with DSL. This walkthrough at the Linksys site was a big help. (Note that the instructions have you disable WPA, so be sure to turn it back on once everything's working.)
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Also, a major firmware update was released for the WRT54G by linksys.

My WRT54G just all of a sudden stopped connecting to the internet and the update fixed it.

http://www.linksys.com then go to downloads.

FYI. Linksys tech support is FANTASTIC. Call them. They never ask if its in warranty, they just ask the model. (800) 326-7114
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