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In the video for invisible Sun, from "Reggatta Mondatta", there was something that looked like a fretless, stringless, bodyless (a la Steinberg) bass. It had a very electronic sound, and was played by tapping, apparently. I don't think it was a stick, as it didn't seem to have strings, but I might be wrong. Does such a beast exist?
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If it had no strings, what did you tap? No frets, no body, OK. But, if it has no strings, it is not a bass.

As far as I know, at the time of Ghost in the Machine (the Police LP with "Invisible Sun"), Sting was playing Steinberger and Clevinger basses. I saw the Police on that tour. On that tune, Sting played keyboards and the bass roadie played a normal electric bass.
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Response by poster: It looked like a bass, I'm not saying it was one. And it wasn't played by Sting, he just sang on the track (at least in the video). It wasn't a Police album, it was a Reggae tribute to The Police.
I got the feeling it was a purely electronic instrument, hence no strings, maybe no acoustic sound at all.
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Ah, I see. I didn't know there were videos from that. I've got that record, I'll dig it out for Invisible Sun when I get home.

I guess it could have been some kind of synth controller or trigger, but I dunno.
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Gosh. I remember seeing this video on Don Kirchner's Rock Concert :) No cable in my hood in those days :)
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Sometimes strings are hard to make out in certain lighting. Steinbergs are supposed to be easy to finger tap with.
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could it have been something like this?
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It may have been a Chapman Stick.
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