IKEA duvet cover confusion
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Am I missing something with my IKEA duvet cover? Is the slit at the bottom supposed to just hang open messily? It looks nicer in the catalog photos.
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Everything from IKEA looks nicer in the catalog photos, it's true.

You could do something clever with 1.5" safety pins, that might work, and it'd be easier than adding buttons. Just don't wash it with them in.
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As far as I can see, yep, that's what it does. I have a duvet cover from IKEA and was similarly perplexed by the sagging opening. It's got a bit of an overlap so that if it's laying perfectly flat and undisturbed, it looks fine but otherwise, it's awfully messy. Could a few buttons and button holes really have added that much to the bottom line? I would have paid a dollar more for two of each.
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I know exactly what you mean! Mine is open at the bottom, too- I think they're too cheap for buttons. Most duvets come with buttons or velcro to keep them closed. Might be worth installing some, or sewing the bottom shut with some large, easily removable stitches.
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Or if you're not keen on sewing, a little iron-on seam tape will keep it closed.
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It's not you. Mine seems massively oversized. But it's comfy and stylish. I can deal.
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Isn't there some kind of fold to put the duvet in, just a small sock (or however to put it) in the end where the opening is? It will still be open, but the duvet won't slide out, and it looks a bit nicer. At least all of my duvet covers from IKEA have this feature (or buttons)..
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The duvet cover I bought from Ikea years ago has an opening in the bottom. I recently bought a new one expecting the same and was surprised that it actually had those plastic snap buttons to close it. Maybe they haven't rolled out the buttons to all their lines?
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They are prone to barfing out a bit of your blanket at the bottom, yes.

I've sewn on metal snaps. You might also try the sort of Velcro dots that have a sticky back to them.
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Mine is not like that at all. It fits snuggly all over and even came with these stretchy bands (but I didnt use those) My entire apartment is IKEA, and I think it looks mostly like the catalog. It might be the style, I have the Klippan loveseat.
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I just put the hanging-open side on the side of the bed that most people don't see (ie the side that doesn't face the door).

If I can't see it, then it means that it isn't there.
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Yeah, it's just ugly like that.
I have two IKEA duvet covers, and one is just like you described. The other one is a bit better designed, and also of heavier material which makes it seem to lie more nicely on the bed altogether.
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Seconding Kololo's method.
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Another vote for the "it's just ugly like that" answer. But mine matches perfectly, so it's never really looked ugly, not when it's on properly. The duvet cover doesn't really slip out either.
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funny, all my ikea duvet covers have buttons or a zipper at the bottom...
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Mine was sans buttons, etc., but I follow Kololo's method.
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I'd have to agree that catalog photos almost always look nicer than the reality. That's their purpose, after all.

I've got three IKEA duvet covers, two of which have the ugly "yes, we're too cheap for buttons" slit. It's annoying, but I put it at the foot of the bed and mostly just try not to notice it.

The third duvet cover (alvine spets) has a row of buttons up top, right beneath the "lacework". It's supposed to function like a pouch. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to iron my queen-size sheets regularly, and so the fabric pulls up around the buttons, thus exposing the duvet and creating an effect not dissimilar from the other covers.
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Tack six-inch lengths of ribbon to each side, about a foot apart along the opening (that is, sew one end of each ribbon to the duvet cover). Tie the ribbons together to hold the gap closed. Easier and neater than adding fasteners buttons, for me.
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kololo sed it. in fact, i believe the opening's actually intended to be on the side, not the bottom, of the bed.
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Wow, the opening's meant to be on the side? Mine has always been on the bottom! Anyway, yes, mine just has that hole on one seam. I've found when I flip it or make my bed, I can "shake" the comforter around enough so that it fits snugly, but the hole is still there.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, I don't know about that side-opening theory. Mine is striped, so that would mean the stripes on the pillowcases wouldn't run in the same direction as the ones on the duvet cover. That would be weird.

But, I took another look at the catalog, and I figured out their trick: footboards! Most of their beds have headboards and footboards. If the tail of the cover is tucked in, who cares how it's finished?
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Try these - they keep the 4 corners of your comforter in the corners of the duvet cover, which will at least prevent the duvet from coming out of the opening...maybe will even keep the opening flatter.
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My experience with devet covers is that closing them is even more important in the wash than on the bed! Things ball up inside them when washing without closing.

Most of mine are buttoned, but I have one I bought in the UK that has plastic snaps. Snaps are better, except maybe they won't hold up as well (it's on the guest bed, so doesn't get washed very often). You can find strips of plastic snaps at a good notions store, which should make the task easy.
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safety pins will solve this problem.
i fold my duvet slit over a few times and use three big safety pins to keep it shut. then i just sort of puff the end of the duvet over itself when i make the bed, so the pins are hidden.
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