What to do in Montreal?
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Mayor Curley and his wife are in suddenly in Montreal and need general advice.

As in, they decided on the spur of the moment yesterday to drive up to Montreal, and now they're there. And neither of them have been there in 10 years. Mayor Curley remembers a Polish restaurant on Prince Arthur street that they'll hit if it's still there, and they're going to see that big church. Otherwise, they're open and they're staying for two more nights. So please suggest away with anything you think is fun in Montreal-- favorite sights, favorite restaurants, favorite museums. Whatevah!

Some more details: They're staying near the Complexe Desjardins right downtown. They have a car and will use it for something really excellent, but would prefer not to move it, so subway stops are helpful. Thanks!
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I post this whenever a Montreal question comes up: eat at the glorious Au Pied de Cochon.
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Take a walk in the beautiful jardin botanique (metro Pie IX).
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Happy New Year to the Mayor and the First Lady!
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I would never go to Montreal without dining at Da Emma, an Italian restaurant located in the basement of a former women's prison in the Old City.

I don't know subway stops. I always take cabs in Montreal. As I recall, the trip to Da Emma costs something like eight dollars, Canadian.
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Definitely walk or drive up Mount-Royal.
This page tells you how to get there by foot, bus, or car.
It's a pretty stunning view -- you're suddenly eye-level with the tall buildings.

I stayed in the Latin Quarter and enjoyed walking around Rue Saint-Denis.

Oh and sounds like the Polish place is still there.
Have fun! (Mayor, I can keep an eye on the Curley house by the JP Pond while you're gone)
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The beautiful Jardin Botanique is currently froen under a layer of snow, but the garden's greenhouses remain open. There's also the Biodome out that end of town.

Do you skate? The Old Port has a good skating rink, and is right near Old Montreal and its attractions.

If you like to shop, there's also the Underground City, but most stores close at 5 on Saturdays and Sundays. Or walk up Boulevard Saint-Laurent and eat at Schwartz's...
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Artsy stuff to do when you are not eating: don't forget the Musee d'Art Contemporain just across the street from the Complexe Desjardins (the MAC is on Rue Ste Catherine, at the Metro Place des Arts).

And, if you are in the mood for more art, then the Musee des Beaux Arts on Sherbrooke Street
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My wife, 8 month old son and I went for a walk in the jardin botanique yesterday and it is beautiful in the snow, thus the recommendation. The main pathways are plowed and there are many walkable trails. The Chinese garden is especially lovely and still.

Since I'm back here let me also recommend the smallish McCord Museum. It is close to where you are staying (Metro McGill) and has a focus on the history of Montreal.
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Schwartz's Hebrew Deli for their delicious smoked meat!
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Schwartz's Hebrew Deli for their delicious smoked meat!

And the abuse by the waiters!

I don't know if Aux Deux Pierrots is still there in Old Montreal but if so it's the place to go for the full-on Quebecois singalong experience. (My Quebecois cousins cringed when I suggested we go there one time, finding it embarrassing, but I couldn't recommend it more highly.)
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I went to school in Plattsburgh and made it up there a few times. The only places I can vouch for are, if there are shows playing, the Rainbow and Metropolis. Of course, Club Supersexe is always an option...

If you do get the opportunity, take a ride around the subway. The only subway in North America that I know of that runs on rubber tires rather than steel wheels/rail.
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Go out on Crescent street during the evening and bar hop!
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If you like bugs, the Insecterium is awesome. Lots of neat bugs and just the right size.
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Oh god. Schwartz's. Oh.
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Comfortable, small, excellent food, French with no pretension, and a favorite of locals Le Flambard
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If you like fish in a quiet BYOB resto, I cannot strongly enough recommend Le Poisson Rouge. I've been there four times the last two times I have been in Montreal. The waitstaff are incredibly friendly and the food is unbelievable.
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Bagels from le Faubourg on Ste. Catherine st. or from any place on ave. Mount Royal. Walk up Mount Royal and take pictures from the lookoff. Buy cheese from La Vieille Europe on St. Laurent (just a block south of Schwartz deli- Mandatory). Oh and on previous post about rude wait staff at Schwartz (order a Cott's cherry pop)- that's the perk, not a strike against.
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We were in Montreal this past June. Here are a few restaurants we enjoyed (they're all in the Plateau neighborhood):

-Pinxto: a great Spanish/tapas place

-MeatMarket: kind of a funky sandwich place that's good for lunch

-Kilo: a bakery/cafe place way up St. Laurent... we had a really good chocolate carrot cake there
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