What can I do to lift my mood a bit?
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CheerUpFilter: I haven't exacty been the brightest ray of sunshine lately, and as it's 3:30am here and my mum's in the other room sleeping, I need something I can do that'll cheer me up without waking her up.

I have headphones, so if it's computer-related it can be something with sound. Though honestly, I'm not in the mood to sit and listen to music right now. Or maybe a nice website, something fuzzy and heartwarming to read online, or something I can actually physically do...

As well, I'm looking for someone to talk to online right now... kind of like a Kids Help Phone thing, but online via chat. Recommendations would be appreciated.
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At risk of seeming shallow, play Sugar Crash!
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You could get some sleep! Tis a bit late, y'know.

I'd recommend reading boingboing.net, always something neat to read there.

Or, why not take 20 minutes away from the PC and visualise what you're gonna do with 2007 - how good you can make it. :)
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The games at Orisinal always put me in a happy place. Put on your headphones so you can hear the music.
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I'm up for a chat too aswell, if you like...

rfullam [at] hotmail [dot] {com}

Why not, eh? :)
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Exercise, seriously. Especially something that raises your heart rate. Try taking a brisk walk, or doing some jumping jacks, or even just running in place.
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If cute baby animals cheer you up, try CuteOverload.Com :)
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Good site for Flash and similar games; some of them are 'group chat' things like iSketch and Scrabble, where you are chatting with other players as you play. Not exactly a support line, but can be a nice distraction: Little Fluffy Industries

Or, if you need something stronger, Imreallysad.com
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If you are feeling depressed, try crazyboards.org - good community on depression.

If you just want a distraction, download & play Puzzle Pirates - it's free to play the basic level and it's really addictive & fun.
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Talking with people helps a lot, I know I've had a few 3 am nights studying where I'd like to talk to a few buddies here and there. Like others, I'd be more than happy to talk over whatever.

Personally, I've found it rather cathartic to read folklore stories. Any culture, any time period, just something from long ago when these stories were the peak of imagination and storytelling. That's just a personal thing, of course, but it may work for you.
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Read Dooce... the way the rest of the Interweb does.

Or maybe The Sneeze... Steve will make you laugh.
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Seconding Cuteoverload. You can't look at this or this and not feel a little cheerier. Can you?
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The free hugs video will give you the warm and fuzzies!
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Second Abiezer...


It'll help you sleep.
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Watch this movie.
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Sorry, with headphones, preferably.
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I like to read Calvin and Hobbes when I'm bummed. Good stuff.
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