I need help with meth
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Does anyone have first or second-hand experience (good or bad) with any drug (specifically meth) rehab facilities in the DFW area?
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All I know is, the one my dad did? Didn't work. I imagine this has more to do with my dad than the facility itself, which was an outpatient one run by a hospital. You could also try Narcotics Anonymous, which helped my dad (for a while) or Alcoholics Anonymous, which was suggested as an option if an NA meeting wasn't available. I'm sorry, this answer isn't very good, but I thought I might as well share what little I know. Good luck with your struggle. I truly hope you find something that works, for your sake and for the sake of your friends and family.
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My dad has done a lot of work in that field and I have some experience with it too. I would think about what you can afford and what is available. More importantly, do you have health care and can you do this with your Doctor if you have one?

There are a few different schools of thought on the subject, but generally speaking rehabs use the same methods. For you it might be the difference between posh and generic.

If you want to talk about the process or anything else my e-mail is in my profile. Go ahead and do some research on your own about how to detox. There is alot of info out there.

Sorry about the long post, but there's one more thing. I've known many folks who fought with meth and won. If you play your cards right, in a few years you'll look back and won't even believe this ever happened. Good Luck!
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