getting the writing off my windshield
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Whats the quickest easiest way to get the serial number markings off the windshield of my recently towed car?

I'm talking about the hard wax-ish stuff the impound lot uses to write on the windshield to ID the car. I know i can scratch it off with a razor but i thought there might be some kind of cleaning solution that will make it come off easier
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If it's the same stuff I used to use to put drag race times on my windshield, it's just white shoe polish. A rag and Windex will take it off.
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A razor is actually pretty convenient. Less work than scrubbing, and no risk that overspray from a solvent will hurt your paint.
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If it's the same stuff the police around here use (which I think might just be grease paint), soap and warm water have always worked for me.
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I used a razor blade when it happened to me, and that was by far the easiest method. Some acetone on a rag after helped clear away any traces that remained. You could maybe reverse the order, but working in a glass factory for a while had me reaching for things in the order I mentioned. Don't know why, that was just way we did it...
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razor or formula 409/fantastik/simple green
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Razor worked best for me. Get a nice scraper at a hardware or paint store and it'll be a 5 second job.
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked for me.
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A credit card worked perfectly for me.
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Be careful with the razor. Auto windshields are quite soft in comparison to regular window glass. If soap or windex don't make a dent you might try auto wax.
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The cleaner they sell for ceramic cooktops (I usually use this, but there are others that seem just as good) has worked for me for getting tough marks off glass. If you know someone with a flat cooktop they may even have some sitting around you can use (it should only take a little bit).
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You could also try 00 Steel Wool with glass cleaner.
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