Fashion for New Year's party
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So, I'm going to a New Year's party at a club/restaraunt in NYC this year. I've never gone to a bar in a big city let alone a New Year's party, so I'm in need of some help figuring out what is appropriate to wear.

The ticket for the night was $125 to give an idea of the place, and the website says to dress "festive." As of now, I'm planning on wearing a nice gray button-up collared shirt, with a Kenneth Cole, trendy-looking black w/ gray pinstripe blazer. I've been told by several people to wear it with dark dark nice jeans, which is the plan. Just ensuring that jeans are ok for this occasion, worn with black shoes. Any opinions and knowledge, assurances would be helpful. Thanks
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If you'd like to put your mind at ease, you could just call the restaurant and ask a staffer if jeans are discouraged (or not) that evening.
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asking about jeans is a good plan. what you've got picked out sounds pretty stylin', though. have fun!
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Ugh, the dreaded festive dress code. What does that mean?

Your outfit sounds great and appropriate for the occassion. Here are examples of blazers with jeans, to assure you that this is a hip, festive look. Happy New Year.
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wear a nice suit, an open-collar white shirt, and black shoes. you'll be OK.
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(not a button down shirt, if at all possible, French collar's best. if you don't like white, get a snazzy Paul Smith shirt, you'll look cool)
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Response by poster: I guess I should note that I'm 22, college student, if that helps
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Response by poster: matteo, can you link me to what you're describing?
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Sounds good. I wouldn't fret too much about the jeans issue -- in a dark crowded bar, no one's going to be checking the material of your dark trousers. I wear this kind of get up all the time, and heaven knows I'm gorgeous.
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Sounds perfect. Seriously.
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As long as the black shoes are cool (not loafers, not wing-tips, not sneakers) and the jeans, shirt, and jacket are a little tighter and shorter than you'd wear for business, you'll look fine. Oh, mess up your hair.
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Jersey, you're killin' me here. Screw them--what do you WANT to wear? Who are you? How do you like to dress up? It's YOUR New Year's Eve, not some sucker nightclub's. So let me assure you--you get to wear whatever the hell you want to wear. It's your dime, brother.

(Also, "button-up" is a weird reverse formation of "button-down," which, as matteo so rightly points out, is an unacceptable kind of dress shirt. A "button-down" has a button at each collar corner to secure it. It is a bad kind of shirt, always. A French collar is usually slightly high, and sometimes pointed in the wings, in that it spreads towards the shoulders when not buttoned all the way up. An English collar is tighter, more square. You should not worry about any of this.)

What you're wearing does not sound "festive" to me. It sounds rather like something I'd wear to a SoHo funeral. But it sounds like it'll make you comfortable, because you're anxious and you want to not worry about what you're wearing. That's totally okay. But you'll spend the night not worrying about what you're wearing if you feel like YOU look good to YOU. So hey: GO YOU!
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