Good web-based (tablet-oriented?) art/drawing games/apps?
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I'm looking for fun web-based drawing/art games and toys and apps.

I've just gotten a Wacom tablet, and I find myself suddenly thinking of all these wonderful little art toys I've played with on the web (cursing my mouse all the while) over the years. Trouble is, I can't remember what any of 'em were.

Show me what you got. Bonus points for fun+collaborative, with more structure than, say, Drawball.
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Line Rider is king right now.
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To see the full potential of this game: Line Rider: Urban Run
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This site is a lot of fun and I know at least one designer who has put it to good use.
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Retrievr is wonderful. It uses your sketch as a way to search Flickr photos.

A tip: the search software is much more sensitive to blocks of color and their relative position than line drawings.
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Many of the art apps on the National Gallery of Art Kids' Art Zone site might fit the bill.
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It's not web based, but it's free, and I love, love, love me some Artrage.
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Best answer: The following are cut from my links, so will vary in quality but some are pretty interesting:

Draw on the White Board with ffART

ARTROOM... where kids can make and display art online

• Rate My Drawings • The Online Drawing art contest - create drawings and rate drawings hall of fame

OPENSTUDIO - over 15000 forum members



Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- games/SketchFighter 4000 alpha


Sketchplanet - Art for Everyone

Cumulate Draw

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

Neave Imagination

Time Waster -

Draw Here: Virtual Street Art - Graffiti for the Web

Draw Play Game :: Free Online Games @ :: Updated Daily! No Pop Ups! : Flash Source FLAs : Evaporating Drip : Flash Source FLAs : Smudge and Redraw : Flash Source FLAs : Blurred Trails gBlog: Source Code: Image gOOifier

Project Teddy applet page


K-Sketch: The Kinetic Sketch Pad

Project dogwaffle's home. The paint program for people who love paint programs.

RateMyDrawings - the Online Drawing Competition

Doodle BETA


Canvas Painter

superDraw beta | The Mikon Machine

Online image editor. Image edit applet. Drawing applet.

seltar's special place

cellosoft sketchstudio


しぃ堂 Shi-dow

Ocosama teki HP top page

ShiWebNote しぃウェブノート

[ » Welcome ]

TheBroth - The Global Mosaic

SketchPad : Requires the latest java plugin


Welcome to ajaxSketch - an ajaxLaunch family application

WebBrush - Active Collaboration Tool

Sodipodi: artPad

Sketch Swap


Setpixel // Shadow Story

Collaborative JHotDraw Drawing Tool


The Scratchpad - A Free Flash Based Drawing Game

Playdo Graffiti

Pixel Group

The Scratchpad - A Free Flash Based Drawing Game




Flying Meat: FlySketch

TYPEDRAWiNG | Created By

The Box Doodle Project




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