Does a waterproof MP3 player with a reasonable capacity exist?
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Does a waterproof MP3 player with a reasonable capacity exist?

I would like to buy an MP3 player with significantly more storage than my 1GB MobiBlu Cube. The only problem is that I'd like it to be waterproof. (I backpack, bike, climb, kayak etc) The only things I can find are bulky add-ons and ones designed for swimmers with a max of 256MB. Anyone know of any MP3 players that fit the bill?
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Does Otterbox's stuff qualify as "too bulky"? I saw one at my local Apple Store the other day and it didn't seem much bigger than the other hard cases.
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H20 Audio are some cool chaps I met at CES. They have waterproofing cases for the entire Apple iPod line, including nanos (up to 8GB now) without adding much bulk at all. They use an innovating twist knob that operates the jog wheel and they come with headphones that are waterproof, too.

They work pretty damn flawlessly (they had a tank with iPods in cases dunked in it that you could listen from) and seem relatively affordable ish and not too bulky.

Even cooler, they sell an "outdoors, elements protecting, NON-waterproof" version for cheaper.
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I've heard that this is a good waterproof MP3 player, though it's gotten really mixed reviews on Amazon.
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Definitely get an Ipod and an Otterbox. I use mine underwater all the time.
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Under my parka, my ipod is coated with moisture at the end of a day of skiing and I've never had a problem. Probably not good for kayaking and swimming, but it seems pretty moisture resistant.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I really wish I could find one that's already waterproof, kinda like some GPS units out there... Thanks any though...
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Did I misunderstand you? The one I linked to is waterproof.
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Response by poster: Yeah, jess it is. I need one to be waterproof as well as have significantly larger storage than my current 1GB player. Sorry if I'm being too picky. :-)
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Check me out, not reading the question! Sorry about that.
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