Need Some Pesos?
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Hey, are there any MeFites planning a trip to Mexico soon? I just found a few pesos while cleaning up (not much, only 96), and I'd much rather give them to someone than exchange them for what's probably barely enough to buy a cup of coffee.
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How much is the postage to mail them?
posted by mischief at 4:45 PM on February 21, 2004

Response by poster: It depends on where I send it, I guess. But I can't imagine it being much more than a buck; I'll just run the thing through the postage machine anyhow.
posted by antifreez_ at 9:29 PM on February 21, 2004

FYI... 96 Mexican Pesos ~ $8.75 USD right now, I beleive...
posted by weston at 11:43 PM on February 21, 2004

I'm going to Mexico in a few weeks, but I'm in the UK and it's probably not worth sending 96 pesos across the atlantic. I could post them back to you when I get back to the UK if I don't spend them.

or, you could go to the bank and get lots more pesos to send me so it would make the postage worthwhile :)
posted by gravelshoes at 6:16 AM on February 22, 2004

Would it be possible to mail them to a Mexican charity? I have no idea if there'd be issues with cash donations or not.
posted by nthdegx at 1:14 PM on February 22, 2004

I'm going to Rocky Point next month, but they do everything in dollars there so I'm sure someone else needs them more than I do.
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Response by poster: The charity idea is swell, actually. If something can't be worked out, then I'll probably just send it there.
posted by antifreez_ at 9:34 PM on February 22, 2004

Best answer: UNICEF's Change for Good is a charity that explicitly accepts leftover foreign currency.
posted by dhartung at 10:25 PM on February 22, 2004

Response by poster: Hey, thanks, dhartung. That seems like the ideal solution.
posted by antifreez_ at 12:10 PM on February 24, 2004

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