OS X kernel panic after HD added
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OS X kernel panic after adding new HD.

This is OS X Server (10.4.8) and I'm experiencing kernel panic at startup after upgrading a hard drive. I had two 75 gig HDs. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the original startup drive to the 2nd hard drive. After cloning I confirmed that I could start up off the 2nd drive (which I made bootable). Then I removed the original drive and put in a 300 gig HD in place of the original. Still booting off the cloned 75 HD I now experience kernel panic.

So what did I do wrong?
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Smells 75% Drive, 25% Bogus Partition Table. but we've got no info to go on. Can you boot to single user? That would get you to the logs, which might lead you to what's causing the problem. It would also let you fsck the 300GB drive, in case corruption there is causing the problem.

Alternatively, boot off the OS X 10.4 install disk, use that to run Disk Utility to repair the 300GB.
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Are these IDE drives? Have you set the master/slave switches properly?
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What did you do wrong? You used Carbon Copy Cloner. CCC sucks. It sucks a lot. It's a GUI wrapper around apple's ditto utility. ditto is a slightly strange command line copy utility that preserves resource forks but uses a different idiom than nearly every other copy utility ever.

What should you have done? Used an interface to asr. asr does a block for block copy if you use the "Erase target first" option. This is exposed in Disk Utility's restore functionality. You can download and use SuperDuper! for free to do the same thing, but with a much better interface and more reliability in weird situations.

If you boot from some alternate media (firewire drive, netboot, install cd) you can look at /Library/Logs/panic.log from there to see what the hell is going wrong.
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