Arabic tapestry?
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What does the writing on this tapestry mean? It looks like Arabic, but I'm not sure.

It's been hanging in the house for a while, but nobody has been able to figure out what the writing in the center means. Anyone? Any other information about the tapestry would be helpful, too. Thanks!
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What does the other side look like?
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The other side is just a canvas-type covering with ratty stitching under it.
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Is it stitched to the canvas? I ask because I can't tell from the picture if it is a piece of cloth woven with the pattern and then tacked to a backing or if it is an actual tapestry or kilim that is sort of crocheted directly to a backing.

There is the possibility is that the words are gibberish made to look like Arab/Farsi type script which has been a fairly common practice in Europe since the Crusades and later the days when Turks and Arabs were making incursions on the continent and hugely influencing fashion.
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I'm just a beginner at reading Arabic but that looks like nothing I've ever seen. Arabic and Farsi, while slightly different, look enough alike that I can also say it's not Farsi. I second the gibberish theory.
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The lettering is actually stitching on the fabric. Gibberish! That's disappointing. I can't really think of any other language it might be, though.
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I third gibberish. It is definitely reminiscent of arabic script, but also definitely not actual arabic or farsi writing. It looks like a poor imitation of calligraphy.
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Any chance it's something like Mongolian? How did the tapestry come into your family's posession?
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I'm unsure how we got it. Indicating that it was possibly Arabic was a mistake, we've apparently already had native speakers look at it and confirm that it's not Arabic. Mongolian, though - that's interesting.
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I'm pretty sure it's not Mongolian. I third the gibberish theory.
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My wife is an oriental carpet and textile dealer, and here's what she says:

"It's a square shawl hand-loomed from Kashmir. The inscription could be the owner's name, the weaver's name, a simple prayer. My experience has been with anything textile or rug-like the calligraphy is very hard to decipher."
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After a little more wikipedi'ing I see that the Kashmir region speaks (at least) three languages. Of those, Kashmiri looks most like your textile's writing.
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