I want to volunteer on Christmas in NYC.
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I want to volunteer on Xmas in New York City, instead of sitting on my fat lazy ass. What are some good organizations I should contact to offer my services?
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Salvation Army?

There will probably be many churches and organizations serving Christmas dinner to the homeless and poor. You may want to contact Catholic Charities and your local YMCA's. Most of the time an organization will sponsor dinners served in the YMCA. I would contact these places ASAP, since they have probably been planning and staffing these dinners for quite some time.
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I just remembered Gods Love We Deliver. They may be doing a Christmas Day event.
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I have heard that here in Australia, many charities are overrun with people for Christmas Day alone - you could ask if this is the case, and whether there'd be another day you could go?
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Hope for New York. Click on "Volunteer."
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Ditto jacalata -- if you want to work on Christmas/Thanksgiving you usually need to ask about it months in advance. And the places often will have a shortage of volunteers other times of the year. If that's the case for the place you're interested in, sign up for July 25th instead, and keep the Christmas spirit alive year round.
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