My first post about my genetalia. :)
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I have a few white lumps on my scrotum. What are they?

For as long as I can remember (even before becoming sexually active) I have had a few white bumps on my scrotum. There are 3 or so that are about half the size of a pea. They're just barely under the skin and are VERY hard. Smaller ones (several but not hundreds) are usually 'squeezable' and the discharge is similar to a zit but much less 'liquidy.' The large ones won't budge no matter how hard I try.

I know you're not my doctor. They've been there for ages and haven't grown or anything so I'm not so much concerned that its life threatening. Just wondering if others have these and what can be done about them. I find them unsightly.
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Sounds a little like an unhappy/blocked sebaceous gland. Wikipedia points me to keratosis pilaris alba which sounds kind of like what you describe.

It sounds like a nonproblem to me, but I might still ask my doctor about it next time I see him. I like to know the names of my various blemishes.
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Ask your doctor. Probably blocked sebaceous glands, which I think can be drained professionally.
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Yeah, I had a recurring one of these. I finally went to the doc because I wanted to be sure it wasn't cancerous. A quick rubber-gloved exam and he told me it was a form of innocuous cyst, and that he could drain it if it was causing pain, but otherwise, leave it alone.

For peace of mind, a doctor visit is always good.
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Dude, please for the love of all that is holy, see a doctor. Or go to a free clinic. It's probably no big deal, but, come on! See a doctor, soon.
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Best answer: Sounds like "pearly papules." They are common and harmless.
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Best answer: Almost certainly scrotal calcinosis. Actually very common. A few cases a week make it to my microscope and look just like this (removed electively of course). Basically they are an end-stage form of epidermal inclusion cysts which have calcified. Your doctor can remove them no problemo.
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I went to a urologist.
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Best answer: Family Doctor here,

I have taken these things out in my office. I always assumed epidermal cysts, but I guess that's why we have people like i_am_a_Jedi.
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i_am_a_Jedi's second link is NSFW!
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The last image in i_am_a_Jedi's google search is not safe for breakfast.
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Sorry I thought they were all H&E images...
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slarty_bartfast: Wait, you've removed these things without knowing what they are?!??
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having looked at a few images on jedi's link - what would three or four of these small, almost pimple-like thingies on a scrotum be? no discomfort of any kind, just showed up one day.
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The Gods of Pathology must have read this post because they sent me one of these today on my biopsy run. Good times.
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