Break the Wii 4-player barrier?
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Are there any Wii games (released or announced) that support more than 4 players?

I don't care how; It could use the GC controller ports, multiple Wiis each with a copy of the game or be turn-based like Worms. I just don't want a group of six people to mean that two fall asleep.
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But Wii Sports games can cycle through *very* quickly. You won't have anyone sleeping, because they're so fun to watch, and you can do best of 3 or 5, or control the length of participation well enough.

Multiple Wiis and a 2 person game of tennis and a 4 person game of tennis, sure, but they wouldn't be linked/networked/connected in any way. There are currently no internet-multiplayer game, at least in the states. (Pokemon is available in Japan.)
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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, which comes out in the States in January, apparently will have a "pass the remote" mode that supports up to 12 players.

It makes sense for Wario Ware since it's just a bunch of mini games. So I could picture 12 players playing a 20 second mini game.
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Bomberman '93 from the Virtual Console can apparently support 5.
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Yup, biff is right. You can play bomberman '93 with up to 5 players, using any combination of wiimotes and gamecube controllers. So obviously the hardware supports it. I can't think of very many other old titles that had more than 4 players, though, and I don't think you'll see many Wii titles that require GC controllers... although that has been the rumor for Brawl. We'll see!
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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the Wii can support up to 7 Wiimotes. As far as I know, Bomberman '93 on the VC is the only game right now that supports more than 4 people.

SSB:B is rumored to use the Classic Controller, which is a solid idea.
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multiple Wiis each with a copy of the game.

Are you saying you're going to have more than one Wii, or that players could share remotes?

Cause, sharing a Wiimote kinda sucks - my husband and I finally found an additional wiimote since they kept being sold out - we hate having to trade off in Wii Sports. You have to keep taking the strap on and off, and it's annoying.

If you have more than one Wii, get two games with up to 4 players and split up.
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disillusioned: Bowling not so much, that's when two people decided to have a bit of a nap.

carpyful: That's the sort of thing, though I wasn't a huge fan of Wario Ware the last time I played it.

BiffSlamkovich/ulotrichous: I already have Saturn Bomberman, which supports 10 players and Bomberman DS which supports 8. I'm hoping the Wii's native Bomberman comes up with something special on the multi-player front.

Diskeater: Well, bluetooth supports eight devices, so you should be able to have the Wii and seven remotes, but the remotes only have four little lights for which one they are. Does anyone have any info about greater than four Wiimotes at once?

jesirose: More than one Wii would be fine, as would passing 'round remotes. Though I'd rather not split up into separate games -- if I have to do that I might as well use a different console.

And it looks like someone did report the "can I have your stuff" post. For the record, I don't have my own Wii yet, but two found their way to my house yesterday ^_^.
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Krisjohn - The Wiimotes for players 5-7 would have two lights to indicate the player number. 4+1 would be player 5, 4+2 would be player 6 and so on.

I'm trying to find the article but so far, I'm coming up with nothing.
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