Beach House Near DC?
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I live in Washington, DC and I'm thinking about taking a mini vacation over memorial day weekend with some friends. I'd like to rent some kind of cottage or beach house for the weekend somewhere not too far from DC. I'm 22, so price is definitely a factor and I'd like to find a place not totally dominated by seniors or little kids. After a lot of googling, I haven't been able to find anything that fits. Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas?
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This time of year you could easily rent an affordable beach place in Ocean City, MD. However, you should check out Harpers Ferry, Deep Creek Lake, and the hundreds of other places just west of the city which offer affordable weekend get-aways.
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For beach, I too endorse Ocean City, though Mem Day is the beginning of the season and it may start getting crowded. In that case you should venture a little farther south and try to get a reservation at one of the cabins near Assateauge/Chicoteague islands.

For mountains/scenery, West Virginia is beautiful, uncrowded, and cheap. I too like the idea of Harpers Ferry though you can easily get a little more inland.
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Dewey Beach, DE has a reputation for being not dominated by seniors or little kids...
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Oops. I didn't see the Memorial Day requirement. With that in mind, stay away from OCMD :) It will take you a loooong time to get back home. Even more reasons to explore West Virginia, northwestern Virginia, and the panhandle of Maryland.
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Whatever you do, stay away from the Eastern Shore on Memorial Day weekend. Go rent something at Rocky Gap instead.
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I live in DC now, but grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. If you are interested in heading that way (and I highly recommend it), I should be able to recommend specific places to visit/stay/eat/etc. Email me if you have any questions!
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I second Garrett County/Oakland/Deep Creek Lake, in Maryland. I also have some experience with WV -- Harper's Ferry is nice.

But my favorite would be in Virginia. Head south along Route 17. Check out the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. Gloucester, Urbanna, Tappahannock, and surrounding towns are nice and quiet, with great scenery and interesting little towns. If you don't mind camping, Bethpage is really nice.

E-mail me if you're interested in this area -- I spend a fair amount of time here and could give you more info/options.
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what about Rehoboth?
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I don't know... I live in northern Delaware and there's one road that goes down to the southern part of the state and it's always a mess on weekends in the summer.

I don't know much about the roads that connect the eastern bit of MD to DE, but I don't think there's that many and the only interstate in DE is 95--for about 10 miles across the top bit of the state.

I have heard that Rehoboth is nice, though. I haven't made it down there yet.
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No specific geographic advice, but be aware that many rental companies have been so burned by renting to college students that they now refuse to do so, imposing a "no one under 25" policy or something similar. Shop carefully.
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you could go to chincoteague and run with the wild ponies. Although I believe it is illegal to hassle the ponies. You can camp there.
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I've seen those ponies - they are only sort of wild. But Chincoteague was ok for a weekend, although a little boring (we went in October).
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I second Rehobeth. Nice quiet beach, and doesn't tend to get nearly as much traffic as Ocean City or other beaches.

And, of course, during the summer... Grotto's Pizza. Mmmm
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